At American Labor Group, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of professional service at reasonable costs. When it comes to union avoidance, we believe in a hands-on, 24/7 approach, as each day is an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship or heal a broken one. Every labor dispute has its own unique issues, and we work closely with every client to develop a unique and effective action plan that will directly target their specific needs. Our services include:

– HR Services –

– Labor/Employee Relations (Prevention) –

– Direct Union Avoidance –

– Labor and HR Legal Support and Consulting –


Human Resources Services

Imagine the possibilities of partnering with a company that takes ownership and responsibility for the management of your company’s HR functions uniquely tailored to meet your needs. American Labor Group’s HR Support services allow business owners to concentrate on their core business functions. Our flexible service model offers onsite and/or remote support, periodic assessment and resources to maximize your organization’s efficiency, productivity and success.
Our clients choose the ALG HR Support that best suits their organization in:
Employee Training
Policy Review and Development
HR Start-Ups
HR Union-Free Best Practices Development
Labor Preventative Services
• Organizational Risk/Vulnerability Assessment
• Organization Climate Assessments
• Employee Surveys
• Crisis Communication
• Employee Union Election Education Series
• Employee Card-Signing Mitigation
• Direct Employee Interface

Counter-Union Organizing Drives

With the ambush of election rules passed by the NLRB in 2015, employers have just about three weeks from the date the petition is filed to the election day. Our model for organizing drives has been perfected over the years into a nimble, honest and most of all, effective way to stay positive but still win union elections. We believe in having people on the ground forming direct relationships with employees. We don’t send videos and pamphlets, and we don’t send subcontractors. Instead, you will see our shareholders and lead consultants on the ground every day engaging your employees directly on all aspects of unionization. The days of sitting in a conference room and generating “fact of the day” flyers are over! We deliver a fact-heavy presentation to employees and help them reach the conclusion on their own that the union’s sales pitch is not what it’s cracked up to be. In this way, we are able to quickly earn the trust of many election unit employees. Our approach is results driven – we know how to win! Moreover, we do it in a professional, and most importantly, LAWFUL manner. During an organizing drive or active campaign, we speak to employees in group and individual settings on all the following topics: anatomy of authorization cards, the National Labor Relations Act, Section 7 rights, union security, economic & sympathy strikes, unfair labor practice charges, realities of collective bargaining for a first contract, union finances, duties of the bargaining representative as well as management rights.

Labor/Employee Relations (Prevention)

Executive Coaching: As an organization, if you are in the position of having a manager/supervisor/ executive who delivers the bottom line, but is given poor remarks by his/her direct reports, our Executive Coaching Program may be helpful. Remember that right, wrong or indifferent, your employees’ perception is the reality that you as an employer have to deal with. If the employees’ perception is that a member of the management team is “unfair”, “plays favorites” or otherwise is lacking in communication skills, we work with that person to turn that perception around. As you can imagine, our program is designed specifically based on the situation and what is needed to correct the improper behavior. This is a great tool to use to create stability and save resources, rather than just firing someone who otherwise has potential within the organization. Management Team Audit: It is unfortunate, but sometimes one bad egg can ruin the whole carton. If you ask most disgruntled employees why they are unhappy or why they leave jobs you might be surprised to hear them say it’s not about money or benefits, but instead, because they believe their manager treats them unfairly. Favoritism, uneven discipline, lack of communication and failure to follow up on simple requests are all cancers that can cause serious employee discontent. When performing a management team audit, we conduct confidential interviews with each member of the management team and ask them to respond to certain questions about themselves as well as their fellow managers. We then take the information we gather and devise an action plan that can range from a simple counseling program for individuals who are not holding their weight, to an overall system change in a certain aspect of the business.

Union Risk Assessment: A “URA” is akin to an Employee Satisfaction Survey on steroids. Typically, we use URAs in situations where the employer is not necessarily under attack from a union, but maybe a competitor down the road is. We also use URAs in geographic markets where our client is surrounded by unionized locations, even though they may not be in the same industry. Finally, we implement URAs in situations where the client has undergone a major change in management or made a corporate decision that significantly impacts employees. The URA consists of in-depth, confidential one-on-one meetings with employees, members of management and the executive team. Following the completion of the URA, we provide not only a report to senior management, but also an “Action Plan”, which contains more robust recommended items specifically designed at bettering the business as a whole – and ultimately reducing the risk of unionization.

Management Training: Your front-line supervisors are the most important people on your management team – they are the eyes and ears of the company and the first line of defense against unionization. These are the people who are in constant contact with your staff. It is their job to keep morale up and walk the fine line between leading a team and encouraging an open forum. Many times, front line supervisors are promoted from within, which means that these supervisors can have union/ employee sympathy. Some union movements develop because front line supervisors cannot handle leading their team after being friends with the staff for so long. ALG begins management training with a management audit, which gauges how well supervisors know their employees’ sentiments. This is the first step in bridging the gap between these groups. The questions are designed for us to gain a better understanding of how effective a company’s management team is operating. The focus of our management training is not simply union avoidance – to the contrary we focus on equipping managers and supervisors with good business, practical and people skills. By approaching management training in this manner, we are able to organically foster a work environment where the threat of unionization hopefully never becomes a reality.

Positive Employee Relations Training for Management: As management, sometimes we are so focused on delivering and the bottom line that we tend to neglect simple requests, questions and needs of our employees. ALG’s Positive Employee Relations Training focuses on employee engagement -what it means, why it is important and how to successfully engage your employees. Successful employee engagement increases productivity, profitability and loyalty. It decreases turnover, absenteeism and safety incidents. This training uses three pillars to teach supervisors how to actively engage their employees: communication, fair and consistent corrective action, and reward and recognition. Our management leadership training includes a slide presentation but also several break-out activity sessions that really get into the nuts and bolts of real life situations. We then tailor this program to fit each client’s needs.



Legal Services

Representation Before the NLRB

Another way in which ALG is a unique, one-stop-shop is that we have a licensed Labor Law Attorney on hand, who handles all aspects of Traditional Labor Law on behalf of our clients. Some of the legal services we provide are

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Labor Arbitrations (discipline, discharge, contract interpretation, interest arbitration)
  • NLRB litigation (ULP charges, Representation cases, etc.)

Not only is it convenient for our clients to have all these services under one roof, but it is highly cost effective. We offer top notch legal services at very reasonable prices.


We welcome projects of all sizes and degree of difficulty, and hope that you will consider American Labor Group, LLC when addressing your next labor matter.