Our Services

At American Labor Relations Group, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of professional HR services to our clients at reasonable costs. No matter what kind of service or engagement we partner with clients on, we will be thorough, and provide the most cutting edge and effective advice available. We pledge to treat all of our engagements as if they involve our own business, our own employees and our own resources. At ALG, we are dedicated to building positive relationships, one employee at a time. Our specific services include:

HR Consulting & Outsourcing
Labor & Employee Relations
Talent Solutions
Critical Incident Response Management
Legal Consulting
HR Consulting & Outsourcing

Whether you are starting an HR function from scratch or need specific, tailored assistance, we partner with our clients to help them develop many critical HR functions.  We take care of these functions so that you can concentrate on building your business platform.   Our flexible service model offers a la carte onsite and/or remote support, periodic assessments and tools to maximize your productivity, profitability and long-term success.  The HR Consulting & Outsourcing services we offer include:

  • Leadership and Situational Training for Managers & Supervisors
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR and Benefit Audits
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Positive Employer-Employee Relations (“PEER” Culture)
Labor & Employee Relations

Our labor and employee relations services vary from employee engagement training to union awareness and direct union avoidance.  We handle this type of work with ultimate sensitivity and deference to our clients’ confidentiality and long-term success.  We are confident that you will find our approach to labor & employee relations extremely refreshing and much more “positive” compared to approaches traditionally used in this area.  Our specific L&E Relations services include: 

  • Union Awareness Education & Prevention
  • Direct Employee Engagement
  • Union Representation Organizing Drives & Representation Elections
  • Effective Management Skills in Unionized Environments

Were you just served with a union representation petition?  Had no idea it was coming?  Getting “advice” from all angles?  Phone ringing off the hook?  Having difficulty deciding whether to handle in-house, use a labor attorney and/or a “consultant/persuader”? 

We ARE here to help you navigate through the rough seas, and provide honest, spot-on advice.  We ARE NOT “persuaders” – we provide employees with 100% factual information and approach employees in a very neutral and fact-heavy manner, which works best with today’s workforce.  The days of old-fashioned tactics, boring fliers, intimidation and scare tactics are long in the rearview mirror.  We strive to do the least amount needed to win the day, without completely upending your business operations.  We don’t just win union elections but provide suggested action items for short and long-term success for your organization so that everyone is better off from the process. 

Talent Solutions

With over 20 years’ experience taking a customized approach to every search characteristic, we are focused on your specific culture and unique requirements as an organization.  We believe in the process associated with a successful search no matter what level in your organization it pertains to.  This allows us to partner more effectively as our relationship develops and identify the unique aspects that are shared by your top talent, preparing us to deliver not only the skill set you need but the qualities you desire. 

The hiring landscape is becoming even more competitive than every and it has never been more important to not take anything for granted when attracting your most valuable resource…Talent!

Talent Solution services include:

  • Confidential Executive Search
  • Partner Placement
  • Full-time Operations & Support Recruiting
  • Contract & Contract-to-Hire Services 

The process:

  1. Gain a complete understanding of your industry, position and what sets your organization apart from the competition. 
  2. Assistance creating and/or fine-tuning the job description and search criteria.
  3. “The Network” - We quickly and efficiently establish a target network across multiple platforms to collaborate and identify the best possible talent not only for the search at hand but to better deliver on future needs. In most cases, we can provide a strong alignment to the search and a representative slate through active and direct recruiting practices in days not months.
  4. We refine the qualified candidates identified to limit the amount of screening required and only present those best suited for consideration, severely reducing the amount of countless hours you spend reviewing instead of driving your business and results. Through diligent feedback we quickly adapt to even further refine criteria and establish a truly smart search.
  5. We manage the interview process/feedback and selection from end to end ensuring a smooth transition. Your selection is just the beginning, it is imperative we continue to partner closely until the individual has started within your organization.
Critical Incident Response Management

What is Critical Response Management?
Simply put, this is the way an organization or business handles negative events that could harm an entity.  This could be the employees business itself, the stakeholders of the business or sometimes the general public.

What does this mean?
This could be a critical incident at work, accident, power outages, natural disasters, strikes, boycotts, confrontations, conflicts skewed values, workplace violence, social media attacks, rumor mills, falsehoods about the business, racial attacks, disgruntled employees and former employees and active shooter situations.

How Important is Crisis Management?
A critical incident, event or crisis can happen at any time when least expected.  The potential impact to the lives and productivity of employees, business continuity and inflict monetary pain can impact a business forecast for years.

The importance of the role of empowerment cannot be overstated.  You trust your employees to do their jobs and they trust you to be a leader.  Without this basic emotion of trust there can be no business to think of.  The greatest threat during a crisis is trust or the lack thereof.  How you react as a leader will impact the confidence  your employees have in you to handle a crisis and lead whether it is a weather related crisis or a response to a disgruntled employee.

How to Cultivate Trust to be Crisis Ready?
How trust and really be crisis ready relies heavily on training.  You never really want to experience a crisis, but in a crisis, you hope to have experience. The proper training gains you that experience. It also builds skilled and efficient teams, confidence and that coveted trust we keep talking about. AVADE® Training does all this and more. Benefits of AVADE® Workplace Violence Prevention Training

  • Increased Awareness
  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased Overall Safety
  • Increased Quality of Life
  • Increased Self-Improvement
  • Increased Sense of Overall Peace
  • Increased Ability to Protect Others

You will also experience:

  • Reduced Fear
  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced Injuries
  • Reduced Liability Risk
  • Reduced Loss of Property
  • Reduced Feelings of Inadequacy
  • Reduced Inability to Respond to Situations

Crisis simulations are by far the best way to go about doing this, as they don’t just provoke reflection and dialogue, but also develop muscle memory and confidence as they actually require the team to do, not just discuss.  Much like boot camp and military training, repetition to develop muscle memory is best.

In the moments of a breaking crisis, you don’t want your team to have to fall back on the plan, reading it verbatim. The plan is there for guidance and as a training tool.  Everyone on the team needs to know what to do and how to react and not fall back to reading a plan or waiting for instructions.  Empowerment is a two way street, leadership must trust the team and the team must trust themselves.

Legal Consulting

At ALG we pride ourselves on providing our clients not only with top notch advice, but also advice that has been vetted and tested in the legal system.  Labor and employment law is constantly evolving, and there are more and more laws that restrict an employer’s ability to run its business independently.  One of our Shareholders is a seasoned labor attorney, with nearly 15 years of experience in both law firm practice and the corporate world.  While Jim has officially hung up his cleats, he still regularly provides advice and counsel to our clients in the areas of:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Grievance Administration
  • Labor Arbitrations (discipline, discharge, contract interpretation and interest arbitration)
  • Union Representation Cases
  • Proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board