Critical Incident Response Management: How does your organization respond?

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What is Critical Incident Response Management?  The short answer is the way an organization or business responds to negative events that may have significant impact on business, its employees, stakeholders and the general public.

American Labor Group is proud to announce our comprehensive Critical Incident Management Training program.  We have found there is no better Team Building exercise than implementing and training for how to respond to critical incidents.  The main ingredient is cultivating trust to be crisis ready.

What are critical incidents?  They could be natural disasters, fires, strikes, boycotts, confrontations, workplace violence, rumor mills, disgruntled employees and yes unfortunately active shooters.

Our comprehensive training is about how to cultivate trust to build skilled and efficient teams that are confident in creating active and repetitious drills to create  and develop a muscle memory in response.  We also detail how to handle post traumatic stress and the importance of handling affected employees  expeditiously.

Please contact American Labor Group for more information and to schedule training.

Bill Lulias is President Emeritus and Co-Founder of nationally recognized American Labor Group. Bill was instrumental in establishing a Critical Incident Response Team on Conrail’s Philadelphia Division and created a rapid response team to respond to fatalities, derailments and natural disasters.